Learn about bees

learn about these amazing little creatures whether you are an envirnmentalist a budding beekeeper or a foody that just loves real honey there is something for everyone

  • $20.00
    Leather Gloves

    Quality bee keeping gloves, soft yet protective leather hand, drill arm gloves 50cm length with …

  • $830.00
    Honey Extractor 6Frame- Motor

    Stainless steel, 6 frame honey extractor with motor 74cm x 96cm 28kgs industrial motor with …

  • $435.00
    Honey Extractor 3Frame- Manual

    Stainless steel, 3 frame manual extractor 40cm x 75cm 16kgs

  • $120.00
    50kg Honey Tank

    50kg Stainless steel honey tank with nylon gate fitted and clamping lid. 50 x 31cm

  • $160.00
    100kg Honey Tank

    100kg Stainless steel honey tank with nylon gate fitted and clamping lid. 100 x 40cm

  • $95.00
    Wax Press

    Stainless steel and coated iron bees wax press 30x 50cm, weight 8kgs.

  • $15.00
    Frame Holder

    Frame holder/ handle stainless steel

  • $15.00
    Honey Gate

    Nylon hive gate with rubber o-ring

  • $15.00
    Bee Brush

    Natural horse hair hive brush

  • $20.00
    Hive Tool

    Quality Hive tool

  • $50.00

    Stainless steel smoker

  • $99.00
    Bee Suit #1

    100% Cotton Bee Keeping Suit with built in mesh veil , heavy duty zips and …

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  • $12.00

    190ml jar of 100% natural raw honey.

  • $25.00
    Honey Comb

    12 x12cm comb box, untouched straight from our hives.

  • $55.00
    Honey and Comb Gift Box

    190ml jar of 100% natural raw honey with honey dipper and a 12 x12cm comb …

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Dees Bees

Come and meet the girls that are the bees in the burbs
  • 20 Feb
    Thanks Ladies

    All  the worker bees that you see in your garden are girls.
    These little ladies do …

  • 11 Feb
    Fake vs Real Honey

    The world dumps its toxic honey on Australia then Capilano through sales are dumping it …

  • 6 Jan
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