Fake vs Real Honey

capilano poison

The world dumps its toxic honey on Australia then Capilano through sales are dumping it on ordinary Australians. @capilanohoney are sneaky and sell under brands #Allowrie and #Smiths. Capilano is importing Argentinian honey from the #heliotrope plant that can have disastrous consequences as it contains #alkaloids. Your cheap supermarket honey has the potential to cause liver issues and simultaneously ruin an industry. The heat is on Australian honey literally in Capilanos blending facilities but also from the world after Fairfax media reported samples of blended Australian honey contained high rates of dangerous #alkaloids. Since than Capilano has introduced national wide sales. Seems like the race is on for Capilano to dump it’s bad stash. The greedy impulsive strategy could be close to a knock out blow to the reputation of Australian honey. Blaming old scientific research created some doubt in the previous study but if you are busted again Ben Mckee from Capilano it will effect all of us. There will be long term consequences your greed is malignant. My friends from Western Australia have had a bumper season on the healing Jarah Honey and locally we have had a great season. Buy local honey consult the honey map. @rooftopbees @bensbeesau @bunyipbeekeeper @honeyfingers all have raw healing honey available. Stop hiding behind your lawyers Capilano rather than using your energy taking my posts down do the right thing and stop exporting our best honey while importing potentially toxic honey. #savethebees #beethecure . Please let your friends and family know that they should avoid cheap supermarket honey for health reasons.

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