Thanks Ladies

All  the worker bees that you see in your garden are girls.

These little ladies do a considerable amount of work. Day in and day out they spend their short lives working.

As they age, their tasks vary.

She starts as house bee. Cleaning and picking up after herself and her brothers.. (story of my life! Lazy messy brothers.) But it doesn’t stop there. They initially clean the cells ready for new eggs and to store the nectar and pollen. The next task in their life cycle is to remove any bees that have died.

Young worker bees also tend to the developing larvae… its like baby sitting. On average they check a single larvae up to 1,300 times a day. (Seriously I’d get nothing else done.)

It doesn’t stop there.. after cleaning and baby sitting, there’s the Queen to tend to. Because her royal highness is unable to tend to her most basic needs; due to her work load, (wink), so the worker bees do it for her.

Oh to be a Queen!

Then of course there’s collecting nectar for the hive and producing bees wax. Worker bees also guard the hive, only letting family in.

What amazing busy little creatures. Their lives are short and they are constantly working.

No wonder the saying goes as busy as a bee!

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